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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."


My name is Sjoerd, but people call me Shu. (Yeah, sounds like the things you wear on your feet). I’m 28 years old and live in Amsterdam. I’m obsessed with Serena Williams because she’s iconic in every possible way. I love going out for dinner with my friends and family because they are literally EPIC company. Oh, and I have mastered the skill of giving really good hugs.

Reason to become a Star Trainer at Saints & Stars?
I’ve always been super active. I thrive on being busy and having a purpose. I really wanted to combine my love for fitness with my love for Entertainment. As a singer/actor, I get to combine putting on a show while making a difference in people’s fitness level at Saints & Stars. Besides the obvious reason that working out makes me look good, it massively contributes to a happy and healthy mind. I’m a big advocate for Mental Health, so let’s keep talking!

What to expect from your class?
ABSOLUTE MADNESS! You’ll laugh, you might cry but my god you’ll sweat. I might say some goofy things, but you better be ready for a sweaty time.

Can’t live without?
My friends make me laugh in a way that goes all the way down the core. So laughing till I’m unable to breathe with my best mates is something I never want to go without.



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