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"Become the best in the world at what you do. Keep redefining what you do until this is true."


Introducing: the famous Herns Agyemang-Duah! Canadian-born, raised in Amsterdam by his Ghanaian parents. This energetic, positive 30-something is a dedicated athlete across running, spinning and everyday training. He’s determined to create an international community where he motivates and inspires people to live a healthier or more balanced lifestyle. We know you’ll love his Holy Ride workouts, so get ready!

Fav superpower?
The ability to transport to a different location, anywhere in the world, with just a finger snap. I had my fair share of travelling - and love to see so much more. Not the biggest fan of flying, so this would be perfect.

What’s your alter ego?
Music Junkie - always searching, always collecting, always playlisting, always DJing. I'm always searching for the freshest tracks across all genres and playing them when I get to DJ or give them the flowers they deserve when I MC.

Reason to become a Star Trainer at Saints & Stars?
The ability to deliver my favourite workout experience back in my hometown. I have been gone for a while and got a taste of what the world has to offer - I'm glad for the opportunity to work with a brand that constantly seeks to improve workout experiences.



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